Step into a world of charm and charisma with our extraordinary lineup of Pembroke Welsh Corgi males. These dashing gentlemen embody the very essence of this remarkable breed, showcasing their distinctive characteristics and qualities that make them truly exceptional. From their iconic short legs to their expressive faces, our male Corgis exude a unique blend of elegance and stately form. With their intelligence, trainability, and unwavering loyalty, these males are not only companions but lifelong friends. Whether you're seeking a loyal family member or a potential show champion, our males encompass the finest attributes of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed. Explore our impressive selection of males and discover a world of endless love and joy.

Sansoenie Goebels

D.O.B. 30-12-2015
KUSA Registration: ZA010942B16
Microchip Number: 9450000001655362
Sire: Sansoenie Smarty
Dam: Idanira Matilda Of Sansoenie

Hazelmere Whiskey N Soda

D.O.B. 31-05-2021
KUSA Registration: ZA011649B21
Microchip Number: 933071000169947
Sire: Hazelmere Olaf
Dam: Savannah of Pemberdiamonds

Champ Hazelmere

KUSA Registration: 
Microchip Number: 933071000272298