Upcoming Litters

Upcoming litters at Pemberdiamonds; we grasp the sense of anticipation and excitement accompanying the arrival of a new furry family member. Our commitment to upholding responsible breeding practices establishes that our Corgis not only possess the sought-after physical traits but also exemplify the extraordinary temperament for which Pembroke Welsh Corgis have gained renown. We exert effort to generate puppies embodying the breed's captivating characteristics, encompassing their playful disposition, unwavering loyalty, and remarkable intelligence.

In the upcoming litters, we have meticulously chosen our breeding pairs grounded in their lineage and adherence to breed standards. Our Corgis experience nurturing within a caring home environment, receiving early socialization and ample nurturing, thereby equipping them for a smooth transition into their new families.

To remain updated about our upcoming litters, ensure regular visits to our website. We furnish comprehensive details about each litter, including projected due dates, parental pedigrees, and any notable highlights. We urge you to complete our puppy application form, as it aids us in understanding your inclinations and anticipations, culminating in a good pairing between you and your prospective Corgi companion.

Thank you for visiting our website, and we look forward to sharing the joy of our upcoming litters with you. Bookmark our litter announcement page now. Together, let's welcome these precious Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies into the world and into the hearts of their forever families.

The countdown is on for corgi chaos (in the best way possible)! Sansoenie Goebels & Hazelmere Savannah are expecting future stars, puppy reservations open!

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Mating


The Meeting of Champions

In the intricate dance of genetics, we witness the harmonious pairing of Goebels Sansoenie and Savannah Hazelmere. This union, a testament to meticulous breeding, epitomizes the pursuit of excellence in the realm of canines.

Enter the spotlight, Goebels Sansoenie, a distinguished male echoing the echoes of his heritage. Tracing his roots to the illustrious Sansoenie Smarty and Idanira Matilda Of Sansoenie, he stands as a living embodiment of a captivating blend of Champions.Anchored by the prestigious Pemberdiamonds Kennel, Goebels Sansoenie emanates charisma, seamlessly merging canine prowess into of excellence.

Now, meet his counterpart, the exquisite Savannah Hazelmere, a jewel in the Hungarian crown. Her lineage resonates with the legacy of a singular Champion, CH Palcantanda Lover Boy Of Hazelmere, symbolizing the exceptional quality coursing through her veins. With a heritage echoing the grandeur of past triumphs, Savannah Hazelmere embodies the grace and allure celebrated in Hungarian Corgis.

In the labyrinth of Corgi breeding, where every pedigree is a vital thread, the union of Goebels Sansoenie and Savannah Hazelmere promises to etch a new chapter in the illustrious history of this esteemed bloodline. The allure of this pairing transcends mere potential for Champions; it signifies the continuation of a narrative steeped in dedication, convergence, and the relentless pursuit of canine excellence.

Within the intricate realm of Corgi lineage, where each pedigree is akin to a finely woven tapestry, the convergence of Goebels Sansoenie and Savannah Hazelmere holds the promise of crafting a fresh chapter in the saga of this esteemed bloodline. The allure lies not solely in the prospect of producing Champions, but also in the continuation of a narrative characterized by unwavering dedication, convergence, and the relentless pursuit of canine excellence.